Welcome to Bed and Bells

Our bedwetting shop BED and bells is a portal where you can get help finding the right tool for problems with children's wet beds and enuresis.

We provide a wide range of bed wetting alarms and protection mattresses to fulfil each family’s specific needs. Here you will find general information about bedwetting, possible reasons behind bedwetting and treatment options.

We are here as a resource that can help and provide information about bedwetting and device to help families to dry nights.

New sporty and easy activity bracelet Rodger Buddy is available in the store. Provides up to 8 adjustable, independent alarm points per day. Suitable for children and adults with active school and leisure.
Happy Eastern! -Thursday, April 18, 2019
BED and bells wishes a nice and pleasant weekend. The store is open as normal during Eastern with delivery after the weekend. Happy Eastern!
New waterproof watch WobL+ -Thursday, November 15, 2018
Don't miss out on the new water resistant reminder watch with 9 alarmpoints. [rev. is no longer available for sale]